Volunteer Network provides training around general issues of volunteering.  The training is accessible, affordable and appropriate.

Some organisations have a non-negotiable policy in regard to potential volunteers attending orientation or specialsied training before commencing work for them.

Volunteer Network offers several volunteer orientation workshops throughout the year to all new and potential volunteers.  It covers volunteer rights and responsibilities, problems you might face as a volunteer, effective communication skills, and information about working with people who are frail aged and/or have a disability.

On-going training varies from organisation to organisation.  This type of training will continue to upgrade your skills for the job you are doing and increase your knowledge and skills in other areas.

Volunteer Network is currently offering Training to Volunteers.  We can do core Volunteer Training and Specialised Training.  Training can also be trailor-made to suite your organisation needs (times, days and hours negotiable).

Volunteer Training
You can also download our Training Flyers by clicking on the topic below.

Bookings are essential for all courses on 9911 9856 or

Training Fees

Training delivered by our staff is $11.80 for CHSP volunteers, $23.50 for non-CHSP volunteers and $53.00 for Volunteer Coordinators.  A higher fee my be charged for specialised training provided by consultants.

Please fill in Registration Training Form below and send it to
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Upcoming Training

New training calendar coming soon.

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