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National Standards for Volunteer Involvement Tool

Volunteering Australia recently launched the new online tool that organisations can use to implement the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.The online tool streamlines the process — simply complete the online self-assessments and it tells you what additional actions your organisation needs to take to achieve compliance with the National Standards.

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Launch of the new National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

Volunteering Australia's new National Standards for Volunteer Involvement (the Standards) were launched yesterday to mark the beginning of National Volunteer Week 2015.

The new Standards incorporate significant changes to the original standards in order to reflect best practice in volunteer management in Australia's current work environment.

The benchmarks contained in the Standards are specifically designed to help organisations attract, manage, recognise and retain volunteers, and to manage risk and safety with respect to volunteers.

Guidance on applying the Standards will be provided via comprehensive implementation resources.

Additionally, Volunteering Australia will be developing a flexible, tiered voluntary certification, or 'Quality Mark' system to enable organisations to check how they are tracking in implementing the Standards.

Click here for further information about the new National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

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