Family & Children

The Community Volunteer visits the family at the arranged time the day for up to 2 hours, per visit, for between 3 and 12 months. Each visit will include: • A discussion regarding what has happened since the last visit, progress and problems • Definite time and day of the week for the next visit During the visit the Community Volunteer observes the general health and wellbeing of the child and parents(s) and other siblings. They are also required to assess the environment, be responsive to the needs of the family and be alert to any opportunities for providing the family with educational resource material
Location: Inner West Area
SPARK is a settlement support program that provides social, cultural and educational support to newly arrived children and families of refugee background.
Location: Liverpool
The Inner West Multiple Birth Association is seeking a reliable volunteer to assist parents of infant twins at swimming lessons at a small hydrotherapy pool in Ashfield.
Location: Ashfield
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