Education & Training

Strathfield Council is seeking a Volunteer Facilitator to lead a weekly English ‘Chatterbox Café” conversation class for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women entering or re-entering the workforce.
Location: Strathfield
Strathfield Council’s Buddies Program is seeking fifteen (15) “Big Buddy” volunteers to participate in a 30 minute long, weekly session for local primary school students ESL (English as a Second Language) who need to improve their reading skills such as fluency and comprehension.
Location: Strathfield
The Speakers Corner Program is seeking a Volunteer English Conversation Coordinator for their Speakers Corner Program. The volunteer is to oversee the smooth running of the program and liaise between the volunteer tutors, CASS and Burwood Council staff
Location: Burwood
Volunteers and SPARK staff will work to provide a positive learning environment, helping children to settle into the school and become interested in learning. This might include; strengthening English skills by engaging the children in conversation, helping them feel more settled and confident in the classroom by assisting with homework or other academic learning; developing social skills by facilitating group activities and games; making learning fun by implementing learning through play; building confidence by recognising and celebrating the children’s strengths.
Location: Sydney Metropolitan Area
CAPS is seeking Volunteer Parent Program Facilitator to offer support to the CAPS Facilitators in their delivery of the variety of programs that CAPS provides to parents, carers and relevant professionals who are participating in the CAPS programs.
Location: Campsie
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