Education & Training

Strathfield Council’s Buddies Program is seeking fifteen (15) “Big Buddy” volunteers to participate in a 30 minute long, weekly session for local primary school students ESL (English as a Second Language) who need to improve their reading skills such as fluency and comprehension.
Location: Strathfield
Inner West Council is seeking Volunteers to teach English in the Ashfield English Conversation Program.
Location: Ashfield
The Speakers Corner Program is seeking a Volunteer English Conversation Coordinator for their Speakers Corner Program. The volunteer is to oversee the smooth running of the program and liaise between the volunteer tutors, CASS and Burwood Council staff
Location: Burwood
Strathfield Council’s “Chatterbox Cafe” is seeking volunteers to participate in a two hour long, weekly English Conversation class for community members living in the Strathfield Local Government Area (LGA).
Location: Strathfield
Strathfield Council’s Computers for Seniors is seeking Volunteers to participate in a 1.5 hour long weekly class for seniors who want to understand and use a computer.
Location: Strathfield
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