About Volunteering

Volunteering gives people opportunities to become actively involved in your local community, while helping others and yourself.  There are many reasons why people volunteer, and there are many rewards that flow from volunteering.  Some of the reasons people volunteer include:

  • Opportunity to use your skills, knowledge and experience to help others
  • Develop more self-confidence
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Develop existing skills
  • Feel useful
  • Overcome boredom
  • Practise a language
  • Help others and enchange community life
  • Gain work experience
  • Have fun

Finding a Volunteer Position

Finding a volunteer position can take some time. Agencies must consider first the needs of their clients, then how those needs can best be met.

Most agencies require prospective volunteers to complete an application and attend an interview. The agency will ask about your reasons for volunteering – what you want to get out of it, about your skills and interests, and when and how often you can volunteer. Agency staff will then seek a job match that benefits their clients, the agency and the volunteer.

How to get Involved

When you are ready to volunteer, contact Volunteer Network to make an appointment for an interview.  The purpose of the interview is to assist you in finding an appropriate position.  At the interview you will be asked to complete a volunteer application form.  This includes details such as the area of volunteer work you would like, how often you would like to volunteer, and what suburb you would like to work in.

The information from the registration form will assist Volunteer Network in the matching of volunteers to organisations.  You will then be provided with the contact details of relevant organisations offer volunteer work.  After registering with Volunteer Network you will receive information regarding training and volunteer events that are held through out the year.

To ensure the safety of all concerned, all volunteers will require a police check

Follow up support is also provided Volunteer Network staff will contact volunteers after the interview to provide any further assistance needed.

Volunteers can also contact Volunteer Network if they have any difficulty with their referral or would like to change their volunteer positions.


  • You can undertake voluntary work only if you are an Australian Resident or your visa entitles you to do paid work in Australia;
  • Depending on the nature of the service, you may be required to agree to a Police and/or working with Children check;
  • Some agencies require completion of a training course before a volunteer can begin work. Courses may be conducted on a limited number of occasions each year;
  • Agencies may have a waiting list for placement in some positions.
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