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The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

The National Standards – Aims and Principles
The National Standards have been developed in consultation with the volunteering sector to support the involvement of 
volunteers and act as a resource for organisations in which volunteers are involved.  They provide a framework for organisations to consider the role of volunteers within the organisation and the impact effective volunteer involvement can have on achieving the strategic goals and aims of the organisation.
The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement are managed by Volunteering Australia and provide a framework for supporting the volunteer sector in Australia. They provide good practice guidelines for organisations to attract, management and retain volunteers, and help improve the volunteer experience.
They cover:
  1. Leadership and management
  2. Commitment to volunteer involvement
  3. Volunteer roles
  4. Recruitment and selection
  5. Support and development
  6. Workplace safety and wellbeing
  7. Volunteer recognition
  8. Quality management and continuous improvement
Following the standards will ensure that volunteer rights are protected, that their role is clear and that they work in a safe and healthy environment. Many organisations use the National Standards as the basis for their Code of practice.
Not for profit organisations can use the National Standards in a number of ways:
  • As a general guide to good practice;
  • As an audit tool that provides a picture of how well the organisation is performing against best practice for volunteer involvement;
  • As a guideline or checklist to help identify opportunities for making improvements;
  • As a framework of reference to assist in planning and establishing a new volunteer service;
  • As a baseline from which progress in making improvements can be monitored and measured;
  • As a way of gaining formal recognition for good practice from Volunteering Australia by meeting the National Standards.
Volunteering Australia is the national peak body for volunteering, working to advance volunteering in the community. Engaging Volunteers is an online tool that organisations can use to implement the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement; a self-assessment tool for best practice volunteer involvement.
Not-for-profit Law has produced a National Volunteer Guide for use by volunteer involving organisations across Australia. It provides an overview of the key legal obligations organisations owe volunteers and provides practical examples, template documents and tips to assist in their understanding. 

Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteer Rights

The principles enable organisations to signify to their volunteer workers that they will be treated with fairness, respect and dignity.

On 13 May 2013, Minister for Citizenship and Communities, The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, released the Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteers.

The statement outlines seven principles of best practice in volunteer management.

Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteers

  • This organisation demonstrates a commitment to best practice in volunteer management and all our people respect and support this commitment.
  • Our volunteers are involved in the life of the organisation and are included in decisions that affect them.
  • This organisation provides volunteers with clarity about their roles and is clear about expectations and policies that impact on their roles.
  • Our volunteers respect the roles of everyone in the organisation.
  • This organisation recognises and celebrates the contribution of volunteers.
  • Our volunteers are provided with training and professional development for their roles.
  • This organisation provides all our people with the opportunity to resolve disputes with respect and dignity.

Organisations that endorse the principles and adopt them will be sending a clear signal to current and potential volunteers that their contributions are valued.

Volunteer-friendly organisations are able to Adopt the Principles and demonstrate their commitment to their volunteers.

Volunteer Information Booklet & Brochure

A new Volunteer Information Booklet and brochure has been produced promoting volunteerng in the Inner West.

The brochure  and  the twelve page booklet covers how to get involved, training, rights & responsibilities, insurance, confidentiality and advocacy. As well other information about volunteering.

The booklet has been translated in Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Italan, Greek and Vietnamese.

Download the brochure and booklet by clicking on the links below:

Volunteer Network Brochure 2013.pdf  

Volunter Information Booklet .Web_.pdf

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